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Nice to meet you!

Hi! I'm Lacey

Everyone in my family knew since the age of 2 that I would end up in the beauty industry. There was never a doubt that I loved all things to do with it. I can remember watching makeover shows and grabbing anyone I could so I could practice. Watching the way people would glow when I would make them over, well, it hooked me. Its so gratifying being able to help people feel beautiful. 

Fast forward into my teens, I went to Seattle to visit my sister and that is where I discovered and fell in love with AVEDA. After researching  different AVEDA institutes I decided to attend the Aveda Institute of Chapel Hill, North Carolina. In 2010 I moved back and started my career at Flow Salon. 

My passion for my art, my work, translates in making sure my clients feel special, beautiful, healthy, and confident at each visit. I specialize in creating effortlessly beautiful looks that highlight each clients individuality and life style.

When I am not at work I prefer to be painting outside, yoga by the water, dancing with my daughter, and cooking. 

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