The Himalyan Experience

Harnesses the healing of pink Himalayan salt stones with The Himalayan Experience. This service begins with a detoxifying sea salt foot soak followed by a full body massage with replenishing jojoba oil and cedar wood essential oil. The massage is performed with imported Himalayan pink salt stones which in addition to their mind, body and spirit healing and detoxifying properties, the stones also offer a soft exfoliation property that increase circulation and radiance. An invigorating Himalayan cedar wood scalp massage will help transition you as your service is completed. This rejuvenating treatment melts away stress and toxins held within your body for a truly healing experience. 

 LV1 $115  60|M   $165 90|M

 LV2 $125  60|M   $175 90|M

Aveda Aroma Massage

Stress, muscle tension and lack of energy can all be addressed with this customized massage treatment. After a thorough consultation, your massage therapist will provide you with the best combination of products, personalized AVEDA aromas and massage techniques for a truly customized massage treatment. 

Aveda Aroma Massage Series

Series must be used within 4 months. 

Mother-to-be Massage

Pregnancy is a time of daily bodily and hormonal changes; one of the best ways you can support yourself and your changing body during your pregnancy is to receive regular massage treatments. 


  $35      30|M   

  $85      60|M   

  $125    90|M 

  $165  120|M


  $45      30|M   

  $95      60|M   

  $135    90|M 

  $175  120|M

LV1   $225 3-60|M   $345 3-90|M

LV2   $255 3-60|M   $375 3-90|M 

LV1 $90     60|M   $130 90|M  

LV2 $100   60|M   $140 90|M  


Hot Basalt Stones

Scalp Massage 


$15 60|M - $25 90|M - $35 120|M