We operate as a Creative Collective to support and elevate our craft. By working together, our guests benefit from our shared skill and creativity as well as our individual perspectives. To learn more about us individually, click our picture below. 

Jaye Owings


Niki Dutton

Level 4 Stylist

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Jewel Redman

Level 4 Stylist / Level 2 Lash Artist

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Lacey Taylor

Level 3 Stylist

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Laura Norris

Level 3 Stylist / Level 1 Lash Artist

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Meghan Harrington

Level 3 Stylist

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Natalie Richardson

Level 1 Stylist / Level 1 Nail Technician

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Sophia Corcorran

Assistant / Front Desk Coordinator

Ivy Usilton

Level 2 Massage Therapist / Esthetician 

Level 2 Nail Technician / Body Waxing

Jennifer Smith

Level 1 Massage Therapist / Level 1 Nail Technician

Erin Vogel

Maddy Stamler

Front Desk Coordinator / Manager

Assistant / Intern